Myth #3: “Worrying about day-to-day losses”

Worrying and getting stressed because the system you follow got a loss here and there is same stupid as worrying about little turbulence shaking when you are on a plane. First of all worrying itself wont change anything. You are just getting more and more stressed.

Secondly trying to find capper or system that does not have losses is same stupid as trying to find the plane that does not have turbulence. This is when people mix the reason and consequences.. The turbulence happens because the weather is bad, not because the plane is not quality enough..Same with picks. Every system has losses along the way – worrying about it will not help but hurt. When you get over stressed you can jump of the wagon in the worse time and lose all the possible winners that always come after any drawdown.

Remember, after any rain comes the sun. That’s why when you follow the capper trust him till the end and always consider results long term, i.e. month or season but not expect the system to win every single day or week – this just does not happen in real life.

Stick to the rules and win.

There are those who believe that sports betting is the ultimate something-for-nothing activity. But in reality, betting to win is a business and must be treated like one to be successful.


Myth #2: “All or nothing” approach

Sometimes I get emails like “I’ve been following your picks for 3 days and still not winning”. I am sorry to say but if you are this kind of person – you’ll never get succeed in any business.

The common mistake of this approach is not treating sports investing as a business. Say you open your restaurant – would you expect to get profit just after 3 days? “My restaurant was opened for 3 days and I am still not in profit and still need rent to pay. Time to jump of the wagon and close it?” Does this sound right?

Such people with “all or nothing” attitude come to casino with $1000 bankroll, bet $10 on Red – lose. Bet new $10 on Red. Lose again. Ok “I placed 2 bets and still not in profit??” They now place remaining $980 usd on Red..”all or nothing”… And go home with Zero.

Let me give you another example. You are hired as a programmer for a long term project. Will you come after 3 days to the boss with demands like “I’ve been working on the project for 3 days and still have not been paid”? Of course not, this would sound ridiculous because everyone expects the wagers to be paid monthly or “by project basis”.

Same with sports investing. You must understand that it is a business like any other. Until you don’t understand it – you won’t be profitable. You will keep jumping from one capper to another expecting wins every day and when you dont receive it you just give up. This is a road of failure.

Remember to treat sports investing as a process and consider your results monthly or by season. This way you will succeed. Those who don’t understand this – will leave. But this is better for us, winners, those who stay, because we cash in big and get the final laughter 🙂

Hope you like my articles, I will write two more in the next days.

Betting Myth #1 Winning Rate

Ask yourself – can you go to the shop and pay with the “winning rate” or you’d rather prefer the “cash”?

As you know some scam cappers offer high win rates up to 99% and many novice bettors get into this trap. Today I would like to explain how this scam works so you never get into their trap.

The 99% accuracy for sports picks is a myth, the 53-60% is very good number among professional cappers.

Lets take Bettor A and Bettor B as examples

Bettor A makes bets on strong favorites with odds like 1.35

After 10 bets he won 7 bets and lost only 3 bets. That is 70% winning rate WOW. Pretty good isnt’t it?

He made: (1.35×7)-7 = $2.45 win
He lost 1 x 3 = $3 lost
TOTAL: with 70% win rate he made a profit of MINUS $0.55 is that a profit?

Bettor B makes bets on various picks using 1.7-2.5 odds. say average is 2.1

He made 10 bets and won only 5 bets and lost 5. This is just 50% winning rate. May look like poor rate comparing to first one? But lets look deeper

He made (5X2.1)-5 = $ 5.5
He lost : 1 x 5 = $5
TOTAL: with just 50% winning rate he made a profit of $0.5 – that’s small but still profit and not a loss like in A sample

hope you see the point.

High win rate does not guarantee that you are making money. Real sports investor should care about how his bankroll grows in a long run (month – season) not what the percentage of wins is.

You can win a lot of picks and still lose money. Or you can use money management and even with low amount of wins be in profit!

Moreover with system games the profit can be much better even with worse odds and win rate! There are even systems that are profitable with a poor win rate of 37% 🙂

Hope you find this helpful!